Cute as a button bunnies


2010:- I have just started my own line of plush/curly-coated/astrex mini rex cross mini lop line (not on purpose. SEE PICTURES BELOW).

This then gave me the idea to cross my black japanese harlequin mini rex female with my dark siamese sable mini lop male, to try and get harlequin plush in to my plush line. They have just had a litter of six (3 plush, 3 normal coat. Some are harlequin, but with the normal coat. Better luck next time). More information and photos soon.


I am keeping the chinchilla, female to get more curl in to my curly-coated line. This mating was not done on purpose. My mini rex was on her own, getting older and not working. My mini lop (brother of plush mini lop line) was on his own, one and a half years old and never worked. So I decided to put these two together for company. They must have fallen in love and decided to start a family because the next month she had a litter of 4 (3 curly coat, 1 normal coat). Unbelievable, as she would not get pregnant to another mini rex and he could not (or would not) get another mini lop pregnant. The photos below are of the 2 remaining babies. Their coats are so curly. I have decided to only keep the female and put her to my plush mini lop line when she is old enough to breed, just to see what will come out. Their ears are straight up at six weeks of age in the photos below. Now they have floppy ears at eight weeks of age, which is good, as I need the floppy ears to go with my plush mini lop line. Their faces are also broad, so I am hoping that this will help with my curly-coated mini lop line.


This gorgeous little boy is now sold and going to his new home on Christmas Eve. I kept him until now (14-12-2010) because I wanted to find him the right home. Thanks "Nicola" and family (I hope he brings you lots of happiness and laughter, as he is one funny bunny).

Below they are eight weeks of age and their ears are lopped.

Below is my chinchilla female. Her ears have nearly come down all the way and her coat is still curly. Her face is still a bit pointy, but I do not care, as I will be breeding her to a mini lop later down the track. Hopefully, her babies will have faces more like a mini lop.

She looks like a little lamb. I have decided to call her "Baarbie".

"Baarbie" is about 3 months old as at 15-12-2010. She has turned out to be a gorgeous plush mini lop. Her fur is not curly anymore, instead it is thick and plush (very strange as she had the thickest and curliest coat). I can now work on different colours in my plush mini lop line, and if I put her to a good plush mini lop her babies faces should be even flatter. She is only 1 kilogram, so hopefully she does not grow much bigger. She is one stunning baby with a very quiet nature like her mum (broken orange mini rex) and her dad (chinchilla mini lop:- plush mini lop line). NEW PHOTO ON SOON.

As at 26-08-2011:- "Baarbie" had her first litter of babies. I bred her to a normal-coated siamese sable mini lop. All 4 babies are plush like herself. Strange as the dad is not plush. More information on soon. *Sadly she lost her first litter. Better luck for her next time.