cute as a button bunnies

BELOW:- Black Velvet at 26-09-2014.
BELOW:- Stevie at 26-09-2014.
BELOW:- Precious at 26-09-2014.
BELOW:- Black Velvet at 16-09-2014.
BELOW:- Stevie at 16-09-2014.
BELOW:- Precious at 16-09-2014.
BELOW:- Left - Precious. Middle - Black Velvet. Right - Stevie. As at 03/09/2014 - 6 days old.


As at 26-09-2014:- They're one month old in 2 days. Black Velvet 's still the cheeky Diva, always posing for the camera. Her fur's gotten longer, thicker and curlier so I'm not sure how she'll turn out. Hopefully her fur stays the same as she looks like a cute little puppy. Stevie's very laid-back, just like little boy bunnies usually are. He reminds me of Steele (a distant relation). He's the same colour and as dopey. A special sweetheart. Precious (as I've decided to name her) is what her name states. A little precious pea. She's got a gorgeous nature. I think she's got the plush personality instead of her sister. Hopefully she doesn't change at breeding age.

As at  03-09-2014:- I've had a plush mini lop born. Don't know how, but she's a very sweet curly-coated little girl. She's jet black in colour and is quite cheeky (unlike plush lops that are quiet in nature). She was also born the biggest in her litter, the first time that's ever happened. She has a blue steel-coloured brother and a blue point-coloured sister. Both of whom I'm keeping to start my line with again. Hopefully this time this plush lop line is more successful. So excited as they definitely weren't expected. 3 sweet little surprises.


As at June 2013:- I still have a couple of plush mini lops left. I also have crossed ones (mini lop x mini rex) that look like plush mini lops and are actually smaller. I have decided not to breed as many because people prefer furry feet, and plush-coated bunnies have flatter feet where the nails show more. Hence kids prefer not to get scratched easier. The good side of them though is that they are very docile, but not as hardy health-wise. This is also another reason I have cut back on my plush line. I lost Blackberry last summer and Coco Chanel last spring. It broke my heart. I also re-homed a couple as they had stopped breeding and I wanted them to retire. 

As at December 2012:- I have lost some of my most precious plush mini lops this year. I have noticed that plush mini lops do not seem to live as long as other breeds do. They are almost always born smaller in the litter than their normal-coated siblings, and they take longer to grow. Some of them even go entirely bald before their fur grows back. Maybe it is a defective gene. I am no scientist, so I can only go by my own experience. What I do know is that plush mini lops are the most laziest and sweetest breed of bunny. They do not mind being handled at all, and are always ready for a kiss and a cuddle. This is one of the reasons why I am still going to try and keep this line breeding, and hopefully I will not lose this wonderful breed of rabbit altogether. I also know they are the hardest to breed because they are so lazy. So fingers crossed for good luck.

The reason I started breeding plush mini lops was because one day they just popped out of 2 pure-bred mini lops. I did not even know they existed before this. I knew they were different when they were born as I also breed mini rex which has the same plush coat. Babies born with plush coats have different skin and curly whiskers, so it is possible to know as soon as they are born if they are plush or normal-coated. I was lucky enough to get this wonderful breed by chance, so I am going to try and keep it going.


I have not had much luck breeding my plush mini lops as the males and females stopped breeding. I have started to breed the females to normal-coated mini lop males or mini rex males. I have had some nice babies born that I will try and keep the line going with.

I am not giving up with my original line as they are too precious.

My story of how I began my plush mini lop line (and astrex) below.


I have just started my own line of plush/curly-coated/astrex mini lops.
BELOW:- Photo of my male, black, plush mini lop:- HIS NAME IS "BILLY". As at April 2012:- Billy has fathered a few litters, but none in the last six months. I am giving him a big rest as he got a little sick in summer. He is from my original plush mini lops that were born a couple of years ago. As at December 2012:- I had to re-home Billy. I did not want to breed him after he got better, in case he relapsed. This breed of bunny is very special and rare. I would rather keep my line going another way than being cruel. He is sadly missed as he is my original plush mini lop. I know I did the right thing though.

BELOW:- Photo of my female, chinchilla, plush mini lop:- HER NAME IS "CHINA". As at April 2012:- China had one litter of babies in 2011. They were all born dead.  I have bred her since then, but no further pregnancies. I am going to breed her again soon. She is my favourite female plush mini lop (as well as Coco Chanel) as they are the most placid bunnies I own. As at September 2014:- I no longer have China as I decided not to breed with her again and re-homed her instead.



BELOW:- Another curly-coated "Astrex" mini lop born from a litter of normal-coated lines (photo taken at around two weeks of age).

BELOW:- Photo taken at three weeks of age (in one week its ears have already lopped and its face is gorgeous and round). What a stunning little bunny (not sure if I am keeping it yet).

BELOW:- The rest of the litter of four.

ABOVE:- They are now four weeks old @ 07-11-2010. The little curly-coated "Astrex" is still very small but also very cheeky (it is the second one in the photo from left to right and at front), and it looks like being a girl. I am still not sure if I am keeping it yet as I have another broken chocolate in another litter:- I am just waiting to see if the other one is a boy or a girl, and then I will decide:- *sadly my beautiful broken chocolate from the other litter of four died on 12-11-2010. It was not putting on weight like its siblings and they were double its size. I tried saving it. He was my first plush/curly-coat/astrex to die. I have noticed that they are usually the runt of the litter, as you can see by my photos*:- so now I will be keeping the little broken chocolate girl above.

Here it is with its sibling (too early to tell the sex as they are only two to three weeks old). See the difference in size (I have noticed that plushes are usually the runt of the litter).
ABOVE:- A picture of its curly stomach.
BELOW:- More pictures of two curly-coated "Astrex" mini lops born from a litter of normal-coated mini lops.

BELOW:- The whole second litter of four. Two are curly-coated "Astrex" mini lops and the other two are normal-coated mini lops.

ABOVE:- This is him below, now as at 21-12-2010 (he is the baby in the top left hand corner).

He is a broken sable. His ears are so big and long now.

He has now gone to a loving home (I hope to hear how he is going soon).

As at April 2012:- I do not know of his where-abouts.  I heard that an original mini lop they bought from me died and they replaced it with him. The next I heard was that they wanted another mini lop, so I am not sure if they kept him or not. I just hope he is having a wonderful life.

BELOW:- Photo of my female, broken black, plush mini lop:- HER NAME IS "BELLA". As at April 2012:- Bella had the one litter below. Her second litter of 2 both eventually died. She has not had any babies since then. I am going to breed her again some time this year. She is from my original plush mini lops that were born a couple of years ago. As at June 2012:- our beautiful Bella died. Rest in peace our darling girl.


BELOW:- Photo of my male, black, plush mini lop:- HIS NAME IS "BLACKBERRY". As at April 2012:- Blackberry has not had any babies with any plush lops or mini lops. I do not know if he works, but I will keep trying him as he is such a lovely bunny. He is my favourite male plush mini lop as he loves a kiss and cuddle.

ABOVE:- Blackberry is one of the 5 babies below. They all started out curly, but he has turned into a beautiful plush. He is the little baby on the left with the bald head.

At the moment he is moulting, but when he stops I will be breeding him to "Coco Chanel" (below) soon. He is 8 months old (April 2011). His baby bald patch has grown fur now.

He is so placid I can lie him on his back and he does not move. He is one of my favorite boys because he is such a sweet and sensitive bunny.

BELOW:- Photo of my first pure-bred litter of curly-coated "Astrex" mini lops from my plush line. Blackberry is on the left. Charlie Button Evans is on the right.


This sweet little boy has now gone to his new home in Benalla. Thank you Jay for giving him a good home (he will be sadly missed by me):- HIS NAME IS NOW "CHARLIE BUTTON".  As at April 2012:- The last I heard of Charlie Button is that Jay was getting him desexed. Later on I heard that he was not well. I have not heard anything since then.

Below is "Charlie Button Evans" as at 06-12-2010. Isn't he so adorable. I still miss him, but I know he's happy, which makes me happy. Thanks for the photo Jay.

BELOW:- Photo of my female, broken chocolate, plush mini lop:- HER NAME IS "COCO CHANEL". As at April 2012:- C.C. (as we affectionately name her) had her first litter of 2 in January. One ruby-eyed white male died at 3 weeks of age. I have kept her other son. He is a blue himalayan plush mini lop. I decided to keep him as his fur is so thick. I have noticed that white plush fur is much thicker than any other colour. He is very cheeky but he has a gorgeous blue nose. Photo of him on soon.

I never took a photo of him as I decided to re-home him, as his face turned out very pointy.

 ABOVE AND LEFT:- Coco Chanel's photo as a tiny baby at left. Now she is five months old (April 2011) above. She started off curly but now has a beautiful plush coat. I will be breeding her soon to "Blackberry" above. As at April 2012:- The mating between the two did not work due to Blackberry. She had her first litter of 2 to "Jack", a blue-eyed white mini lop. Both babies were born plush like herself. See more information above. As at August 2012:- C.C. had an ongoing cyst that eventually killed her. I will miss her lots, as she was a wonderful little bunny that never gave me any trouble.

BELOW:- My first litter of pure-bred plush mini lops born to two plush mini lops (their fur is still straight at two weeks of age). The first litter of 5 (photo above) turned out to be curly, so I am not yet sure if these will stay straight or go curly. Only time will tell. *As at 12-11-2010 the broken chocolate below died. It was not putting on weight like its siblings and they were double its size. Very sad*. Also their coats have changed (ever so slightly) to wavy. I cannot wait to see how they turn out. As at April 2012:- They turned out fine but I have not heard about them lately.

I should have kept the other 3.

BELOW:- Blue baby from above.
BELOW:- Annoying mum for another feed.