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At Annie's Bunnies we breed bunnies for PET homes only. We don't sell to breeders. We have pure-bred mini lops, pure-bred netherland dwarfs, pure-bred mini rexes, pure-bred dutch and have just started getting more into the rare plush mini lop breed. We don't have many netherland dwarfs, mini rexes or dutch so will only have babies now and then of them. We sometimes have cheaper cross-breeds from my friend as some people prefer them. Not every bunny has to be perfect to be loved in our eyes. We don't show our bunnies as that's not what we're about. We breed to make kids and people happy with the simple fact of owning a truly wonderful pet - THE BUNNY-RABBIT.
You'll either meet myself (Annie) or my daughter (Olivia). We've been breeding bunnies together for 14 years and believe that every bunny is unique and special, whether they're pure-bred or cross-bred. We're always looking for wonderful pet homes for our babies so we take the time to make sure new owner (and bunny) will be happy together for years to come. Our baby bunnies are all handled from birth to ensure a better pet. They're also medicated against parasites, worms, mites and lice upon leaving, and can do it for free monthly if wanted. Ongoing support as well - we don't just sell and forget. We also give away food, hay and a harness/leash with every bunny sold.
We also board bunnies, but only ones we've sold (to minimise the risk of diseases) at very affordable prices. You can see our "boarding" page above for more information.
My husband builds hutches/cages and has been doing so for 12 years. You can see our "hutches-cages" page above or his facebook page below.
Thank you :) 
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We breed and sell quality rabbits with beautiful natures and wonderful personalities

 Hi, my name's Vivian Lee

I live indoor with my family since I got very ill, but now I'm all better :)
Mum's made a page just for me called "Vivian's Adventures". Hop on over and you can follow my life on there :)